Survey Question Topics

  • 1

    Marketplace Dynamics

    Forward looking predictions about the economy, customers, and competitors

  • 2

    Firm Growth Strategies

    Investments in product-market growth strategies and growth in international markets

  • 3

    Marketing Spending

    Current and planned spending in key marketing areas

  • 4

    Marketing Performance

    How the company is performing on financial and societal indicators

  • 5

    Social Media Marketing

    Spending, management, measurement, and impact of social media

  • 6

    Mobile Marketing

    Spending, investments, and impact of mobile marketing

  • 7

    Marketing Jobs

    Number and types of marketers projected to be hired and outsourced

  • 8

    Marketing Organization

    How marketing is organized and what marketing does

  • 9

    Marketing Leadership

    The retention, power, and influence of marketing leaders

  • 10

    Marketing Analytics

    Spending, use, and impact of marketing analytics