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Marketing leaders share views on best practices in marketing strategy, capabilities, and metrics.

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Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Ann Lewnes discusses marketing’s role in Adobe’s transition to a subscription-based model: “The opportunities are endless and in many ways, we’re just getting started.” She shares her perspectives on risk taking, the importance of a data-centric culture, commitment to change, creativity and talent, and redefining engagement.


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Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Beth Comstock discusses how GE approaches marketing: “You have to create a platform that invites innovative ideas.” This platform involves four capabilities that have produced an array of new products, services, customers, and business models.


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Chief Marketing Officer Kim Feil discusses how she built a marketing function. From insights to accountability, she describes the organization, processes, metrics and talent management strategies important to this effort.


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Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Geert van Kuyck shares ideas on building the essential skillset for CMOs and the importance of defining the CMO’s mission. He discusses the use of the Net Promoter Score and other metrics to evaluate business results at Philips, touching on Philips’ engagement with LinkedIn and social media metrics.


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Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Stephen Quinn describes how Walmart rebuilt its customer focus. Key steps involved harnessing internal support, generating market insight, using customer-focused metrics, living the brand internally, and building marketing talent. The results have been impressive for this world-class retailer.


Procter and Gamble


Global Marketing Officer Marc Pritchard shares his viewpoints on how marketing contributes to P&G’s performance. He talks about how P&G learns about customers and how it is relentless in its attention to building loyal customers and strong brands in the store, on the web, and around the world.