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What Marketing Leads In Companies

CMO Survey Results

Results from the February 2018 CMO Survey indicate marketing leaders are experiencing higher levels of responsibility in their organizations.

Marketing leads the following activities in most companies: brand, digital marketing, advertising, social media, public relations, promotion, positioning, marketing research, lead generation, marketing analytics, competitive intelligence, and customer experience (see Figure for a complete listing).

Table showing what aspects of company operations marketing leads.

Marketing Leadership in Companies

Two areas that concern me are that marketing only leads innovation in 30% of companies and new products in 33% of companies. Ensuring the voice of the customer is built into the design and delivery of new products and services is a key way to that marketing can contribute in companies and I hope these percentages will increase.

Finally, we asked marketing leaders whether they think it is appropriate for their brand to take a stance on politically-charged issues. Only 17.4% agreed with this statement. In an era when CEO activism is more common than ever, this will be an interesting trend to watch. How is your company approaching this issue?

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